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Five Important SEO Factors

And why you need to know how they impact your website’s overall “find-ability.”

SEO On-Page Optimization

Page optimization checks

On-page optimization and technical SEO are the foundation of your web page. The success of your page depends on this foundation being as firm as possible:

  • Technical SEO makes your page able to be indexed easily.
  • On-page optimization provides organization and structure to your content.

Our SEO audit tests and reports on the following technical and page optimization factors for you.

  • Keyword Consistency
  • Use of ALT attributes
Mobile Readiness and Usability

Usability and Device Support

In 2018, 52% of internet page visits took place using a mobile device. Little is more annoying to a potential customer than having to navigate and extract information from a desktop-formatted site on small screens. Since 2015, sites that do not support a variety of screen sizes ad resolutions will have challenges ranking high.

Our usability audit tests your site for responsiveness across multiple platforms. The usability check will scan for:

  • Device Rendering
  • Mobile Viewports
  • Use of Flash
  • Favicon
Page Loading Performance

Page Load Performance

Your pages loading speed can significantly impact your site’s rank, traffic, and bounce rate. Your site ranking can suffer because of poor or no image optimization. Other factors, such as code optimization and the quality of your web host will also play a major part in the loading performance of your page.

Our speed check will test your pages:

  • Server Response Time
  • Page Load Time
  • Image Optimization
  • Script Errors
  • Code Minification
  • Output Compression

Social Media

Page Load Performace

Social media activity; the number of followers, shares, etc, have no direct impact on page rank. However, having actively shared and boosted social posts is an essential avenue for:

  • Brand awareness
  • Customer feedback

Both factors can indirectly benefit your ranking. Beyond the statistical ranking of the search engines, nothing will funnel traffic to your site like a vibrant social media presence.

  • Social Site Connections
  • Social Media Activity*


Search engine spiders aren’t the only bots browsing your website. Hackers use malicious crawlers that scan for exploits that will allow them to:

  • Access data stored on your server
  • Use you resources to distribute malware
  • Deface your site to gain status among their peers

Our Report Card Security scan will check the basic security configuration such as SSL encryption, HTTPS usage and malware status.

Our security check will test

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • HTTPS redirects
  • Malware Check